Thursday, January 8, 2009

Harsh hands

Here's another horse that's praying for all he's worth. Look how far that asshole has that bit engaged....the shanks are right up along the horse's jawline.
How about if the professionals went back to square one and used a sidepull? They say these Icelandic bits should only be used by professionals. What a load of crap. Every single pic you see of one of these professionals is awful. It's NOT a moment in time. These assholes don't know how to ride or train. They hop on a horse 10 minutes before a competition and stresss the horse to the max. Apparently Icelandic horses aren't naturally gaited or they wouldn't need to tie the horse into a frigging knot during a competition.
Honestly, take some riding lessons and learn about the concept of 'seat and legs'... actually let 'seat and legs' be your mantra.
This crappy riding by so called professionals has got to stop.