Sunday, November 30, 2008

STOP Ice Tolts

I live in Saskatchewan Canada. We deal with ice 6 months (maybe 5 if we're lucky) of the year. What idiot thought that taking a horse out into a skating rink or a lake was a good idea? What kind of idiocy is it to zoom your horse as fast as you can across a sheet of ice? Believe me, when it's icy around here...NO ONE takes their horse out onto it. It's too easy for your horse to suffer a life affecting injury...and it can happen in a moment. Horse people that care about their horses know better...period...there is no debate.

Please start using your brains and don't go riding when it's icy. Pull your horses shoes and give his feet the required time off during the icy winter months....don't put ice calks on him so you can squeeze a few more riding days out of him. Quit being a freaking cheep skate, and stop treating your horse like some kind of machine.

AND yet all of this is sanctioned by FEIF...they have competitions in Ice Tolts! For Gawd's sake, just because someone else jumps off a cliff...doesn't mean we have to.

Check out their news page...they have TWO competitions on ice.. Please...

Write them a letter and tell them to stop being ass hats...(nod to Fugly)...I love that expression.

But use nice language...because apparently bad language offends them. They can use narrow saddles, sit on loins, tie mouths shut, yard on reins, and edge toward big lick practises...but they don't like bad language. And for heavens sake when I brought this up with one european trainer. She was highly insulted, because the people that ride in the european championships...were her friends. Friends that should probably be charged (and probably will be charged some day)...with animal abuse. Believe me. It's coming. If FEI thinks the dressage world is bad...just wait until they focus their attention on the Icelandic competitions.